Media Law Resource Center, Inc.


Organizational Description:

The Media Law Resource Center (MLRC) is a non-profit, membership, information clearinghouse organized to monitor developments and promote First Amendment rights in the libel, privacy, reporter’s privilege, and related legal fields that have an impact upon the acquisition and publication of news and information.

MLRC’s members include publishers and broadcasters, media and professional trade associations representing newspaper, magazine, newsletter and book publishers, broadcasters, journalists, authors, news directors and newspaper editors, and also media insurance carriers.

MLRC’s law firm wing, the MLRC Defense Counsel Section, consists of over

225 member firms around the country and abroad with specialties in media and libel defense representation.

Services Provided:

MLRC’s major projects and programs are designed to inform and assist its membership, as well as members of the public and press, and include:

  • MLRC 50-STATE SURVEYS: Media Libel Law — Media Privacy and Related Law — Employment Libel and Privacy Law: comprehensive information on the law in all 50 states, the U.S. territories and the District of Columbia. Media Privacy and Media Libel Law editions also include surveys on the law in the federal Circuit Courts of Appeal and Canada, and Media Libel Law has a survey of the law of England.
  • MLRC BULLETIN – Published quarterly, the MLRC Bulletin publishes the results of MLRC-initiated statistical studies on media libel, privacy and related litigation; symposia; and legal research.
  • Periodic Articles, Reports and Background Papers
  • MLRC produces numerous reports and papers and resource tools for members and the public on key issues of media law. Most publications are available on the MLRC website.
  • Educates and motivates on legislative, judicial and related initiatives.
  • MLRC provides background research and analysis n connection with statutory or related initiatives.

Primary Issues of Focus:

Media law issues, including:

Reporter’s privilege


Privacy access to information

Intellectual property

Agricultural disparagement

Anti-SLAPP laws

Right of publicity laws

Proposals for damage limitations in First Amendment litigation

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