Free Expression Policy Project (FEPP)


Organizational Description:

The Free Expression Policy Project (FEPP), founded in 2000, provides empirical research, policy development, and advocacy on free speech, copyright, and media democracy issues. FEPP seeks free speech-friendly solutions to the concerns that drive censorship campaigns.

Services Provided:

Informational resources on the FEPP website — fact sheets, policy reports, commentaries, and news items on censorship, media reform, and intellectual property issues.

Also available for interviews and public speaking.

Primary Issues of Focus:

  • Restrictions on publicly funded expression – in libraries, museums, schools, universities, and arts and humanities agencies
  • Internet filters, rating systems, and other measures that restrict access to information and ideas in the digital age
  • Restrictive copyright laws, digital rights management, and other imbalances in the ‘intellectual property’ system
  • Mass media consolidation, public access to the airwaves, and other issues of media democracy
  • Censorship designed to ‘shield’ adolescents and children from controversial art, information, and ideas

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