Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)


Organizational Description:

FIRE effectively and decisively defends individual liberties on behalf of thousands of students and faculty on our nation’s campuses. These rights include freedom of speech, legal equality, due process, religious liberty, and sanctity of conscience—the essential qualities of individual liberty and dignity. In case after case, FIRE successfully defends the rights of students and faculty members against illiberal university administrations, while educating the public about the betrayal of liberty at our nation’s colleges and universities.

Services Provided:

  • Students and faculty whose rights have been infringed upon submit cases, and FIRE then writes letters to college administrators on behalf of the individual(s) to explain why a policy or punishment is unjust. FIRE utilizes its Media Network to expose abuses, or its Legal Network if litigation is deemed necessary.
  • FIRE’s Guides to Student Rights on Campus educate students about their fundamental rights and the various ways in which universities threaten these rights.
  • Spotlight: The Campus Freedom Resource is a searchable database on FIRE’s website that contains comprehensive information about restrictions on liberty at over 350 colleges and universities.
  • Campus Freedom Network, a network of supporters on targeted campuses who will lobby their administrations. The network’s purpose is to maintain long-term pressure on their respective administrations to change immoral and unconstitutional policies and practices.
  • FIRE’s website includes archived cases, news reports, publications, and event listings. FIRE also publishes a quarterly newsletter, The FIRE Quarterly, as well as reports, including the recent Spotlight on Speech Codes 2006: The State of Free Speech on Our Nation’s Campuses, its first comprehensive report on speech code policies at schools across our nation.

Primary Issues of Focus:

  • The defense of free speech,
  • Academic freedom
  • Due process
  • Religious liberty
  • Other individual rights for students and faculty at college and universities

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