Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT)


Organizational Description:

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is a non-profit, public interest organization that works to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age. With expertise in law, technology and policy, CDT seeks practical solutions to enhance free expression and privacy in global communications technologies. CDT is dedicated to building consensus among all parties interested in the future of the Internet and other new communications media.

Services Provided:

CDT provides feedback on specific legislative proposals affecting online free expression, and the Internet more generally. CDT is also able to assist congressional staff in understanding technical aspects of the Internet, and the interaction between law and technology. CDT also regularly convenes multi-stakeholder meetings to discuss a particular problem and how to solve that problem by applying a policy framework that keeps in mind each party’s best interests. CDT resources include legal expertise in the First Amendment and other free expression-related issues, as well as technology and policy expertise in the Internet and other communications media. CDT also offers a multitude of written resources including policy papers, academic articles, congressional testimony, op-ed pieces and blog posts, most of which can be found on the CDT website.

Primary Issues of Focus:

CDT advocates for free expression on the Internet and other communications technologies. This involves many sub-issues including censorship and children’s online safety, censorship and the FCC, bloggers’ rights, political speech and the FEC, open government and access to information, Internet neutrality, and a host of other free expression-and-technology issues. CDT also has expertise in consumer privacy, national security and government surveillance, digital copyright, e-government, Internet governance, and many other Internet and technology issues.

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